Thursday, November 10, 2011

Veteran's Day

Today we celebrated Veteran's Day. It was a day early, but the meaning was still there. The kids had a great time. We invited veterans to come and speak to them about their experiences and talk to them about the importance of the military and Veteran's Day. The man in my classroom did an awesome job. He talked to the kids about how the military ensures that they have certain freedoms and about how the people in the military made a choice to put others' happiness before their own. I think it really hit home for some of them. He talked to them about cool things he had seen while in the Air Force and the neat places he had been able to see while in the military. Mostly, he talked to them about the importance of understanding and appreciating the military and the awesomeness of living in the United States. I was so impressed and really appreciated him giving up his time to talk to my kids.

Happy Veteran's Day!

And a million heart-felt thanks to those who have served or currently are serving our country.

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