Saturday, July 7, 2012

Third Year Teaching, Third Classroom

I believe I mentioned in an earlier post that I was asked to move rooms at the end of the school year. I happily said yes because I LOVE my job and will move where ever I need to if it means staying there. :)

Plus, I secretly LOVE new spaces and the challenge of new decorating ideas!

I went to school last week and worked some. This is what I was able to accomplish. 
I have decided to use this space to keep the kids on track with scheduling, etc. They will check here each day to see if it is their turn to use the ipod, go to the learning commons, etc. They will also find out what work station they will begin with in math station rotations.

This shows a close-up of the writing process tracking system. They will each have a button magnet with their number on it and move their magnet once they complete each step of the writing process. 

This is the beginnings of my part of the room where we will do guided reading and strategy groups as well as conferences.

This is the first half of the word wall. I haven't put my word wall so low before, but the kids make the word wall as we go through the year, so it is important that they be able to reach it. Last year I put it on 2 tall cabinets and that worked, but some of them couldn't reach the top letters.

This is the second half of the word wall and the "interesting words" wall. That's where kids put the words they see as they are reading that are interesting and can help them add voice to their writing.

This will be our math word wall. This is not something the kids build on. I add words as we go through out math units.

We are a Leader in Me school and we teach kids about leadership and encourage them to be leaders. I found this idea on Pinterest and fell in love. So, I made it a little more colorful and put it in our bathroom.

This is where we will store supplies. Last year the supplies were in cabinets and the kids could not easily access them. I thought this would be the perfect solution!

This is the beginnings of my classroom library. I like that I have been able to fit it in a small space, but I am a little concerned about how many kids will be able to use this area at the same time. I may have to have a rotation for that as well. That's ok, though.

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