Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What A Week

What a week I've had. What a week. I can't talk about most of the stuff that's gone on, but today just topped the cake and I can say some stuff about it.
1. I told a little girl in my room to change her color (on the behavior chart) because she was out of her seat and talking and I'm just up there trying to teach. ;) She says, "you used to be nice when we first got here." I said, "oh yeah? And you used to behave and do as you were told when we first got here. I guess we've both changed." I mean, seriously?
2. I had on a short sweater over a long tank top. So, one of my girls says, "your sweater is small." I say, "yeah. It's supposed to be like that." She gives me this funny look and says, "oh."
3. Same girl- says to me, "I think your pants are on backwards." (Because of the design.) I say, "nope. Sure aren't. Why are you hatin' on my outfit today?" lol She's too funny.

We're getting closer to holiday breaks and my life should get MUCH more interesting! lol

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