Saturday, March 19, 2011

People Always Ask

People always ask me about my kids.
(Funny how I call them my kids. Never thought I'd be "that teacher".)

My kids are funny. They have grown so much this year and their personalities have become more and more apparent as time has gone by. They say silly things and crack me up. Sometimes I have to turn my head so they can't see the smile I'm trying to hide because I really shouldn't crack a smile at what they've just said.

My kids are messy. They leave messes where ever they go. Their desks have papers all over them and under them. They have pencil sharpening shavings all over the floor. (Our custodian- that poor man- I'm positive he hates to clean our room.)

My kids clean up FAST. They know how to clean and when told to do so, man can they really get the job done.

My kids work HARD. They know how to work. They know what I expect. They don't always give 100% all the time... and they know that I am really not happy with them when they don't give me their all.

My kids love me. Really, they do. They hug me and tell me they love me. They tell me they missed me. Some of my kids even run to me on Monday mornings and give me big hugs and say, "I love you and I missed you so much!" I always reply, "I love you too and I am so glad you are here today!"

My kids accept me. They know I can be a little air-heady and I lose my scissors ALL the time. They know when they see me standing in the middle of the room looking around that I have put something down and have no clue where it is. They just smile and ask what I lost this time. They know that most mornings I am happy and glad to be there. They know not to test me when it comes to talking during tests. They know my expectations... and I honestly believe they appreciate that they are set high.

My kids know they come first. They know that I will stand up for them. They know that I do all that I can to help them out. They know they can come to me with problems and even if I don't have a solution I am always happy to just listen.

My kids are smart. They know things I never knew until now. They have real-life street smarts... and I greatly lack that.

My kids teach me something new every day. It's really too bad I haven't written down my lessons in a journal to share on here. They say things and do things I never would have thought to do or say. They are awesome. They have opened my eyes and changed my heart.

My kids have taught me a very valuable lesson. They have taught me that all anyone needs is someone to believe in them. I believe in all of my kids. And, you know what? They believe in ME.


  1. This post reminded me of a student who gave me a mother's day card one year.(I am NOT a mother) She wrote on the card that I deserved a mother's day card because all my students were my kids! It brought tears to eyes and is something I will never forget!

    We are so blessed to have the opportunities to learn from these kids!

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