Saturday, May 28, 2011

Thought This was Funny

Friday we were working on end of the year scrapbooks... the kids were kind of hanging out and talking and cutting and gluing... you know, scrapbook stuff. Anyhow, I was sitting next to one child who was working on her book. Another girl then came nad leaned over the first child. The first child said, "Who this?" (pronounced "who dis"?). A little girl sitting next to her said, "I know a word that rhymes with "dis". The first girl says, "yeah. It starts with a p." (I am holding back laughter and saying, "Oh, let's not use that word.") At the same time the little girl says, "No. I wasn't talking about that word. My rhyming word starts with a k." (I'm thinking, "Thank God.") I say, "Oh! Well then," and make a fishy-kissy face at her. She then squeals and goes back to her work. lol! LOVE these kids!!

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