Saturday, August 10, 2013


Tonight I am full of anticipation for the upcoming (quickly approaching) school year. I am excited, nervous, and ready! I was out today and saw a student from my school who happily greeted me and has had a great summer. I have to say I rarely see kids out because I don't live in the same town that I teach, but I happened to be out at a store over that way today. It was kind of cool!

Anyhow, this year is going to be a crazy one for me, but I am excited. Along with teaching full time, I (like most teachers I know) am on a district committee, a school committee, and am also in charge of Relay for Life at my school. I'm also going to begin grad school (on the weekends) full time in a couple of weeks. Sometimes the thought of all this is a little overwhelming, but I'm ready for the challenge!

I have worked very hard in my room this summer and think the changes I made will really help my days run more smoothly. We shall see!

I'm excited to meet my kiddos and get started with the year. Here we go!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Class Assignment Day, Classroom, and Other Thoughts

Today was Class Assignment Day at our school. I volunteered from 8-12. I loved it! I got to see some of my kids from last year. (Holy cow! They've grown ten feet!) I also got to meet a few I will have this year. I loved it! I am so excited for this school year.
I've been working in my room a good bit this summer. The head custodian at my school keeps picking on me that I haven't actually left and had any summer break. He's partially right. I just get bored so easily!
Anyhow, I have been working and I'll share some photos:

I'll have to take more pictures! I just realized that I haven't taken any updated ones and I'm nearly completely finished now. Oh well! Anyhow, these are of the progress I made. I'm pretty excited about my room this year.