Monday, March 31, 2014

Exit Slips

Exit slips? Yes. Everyone's heard of them and no one makes time for them. But, I do occasionally make time for these things. I do reflections a couple of times a week and I read them and make mental notes, but those stay in their notebooks and aren't mine to keep.

While I've been super busy being a grad school student/ full time third grade teacher/ Girls on the Run Coach/... You get the picture, I've also been busy trying new things. Seems I just can't be satisfied with the same ol' same ol' anymore. Anyhow, enough tooting my own horn. Here's what I learned and what I did:

You can have your kids make a post card as an exit slip. So, on the front it allows for creativity in what they learned through a picture and on the back you have them write a short note to you. Since this was the first time I had my kids do this I decided to tell them I wanted to learn one thing that they discovered during our fraction activity and one question they still had. Y'all, I kid you not, I got some great thoughts on those things! I will certainly be using them again soon!! 

This is the front of some of their post cards... Can't show the backs for confidentiality reasons. :) 

Also, one child said they really enjoyed the fraction activity but they weren't sure if you had to have 1/2 +1/2 to equal a whole. They went on to explain that they saw many fractions that equaled one whole so that confused them. Love it!! They were really thinking about their thinking! 

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