Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First Day Back

Today was our first day back and, what can I say, I'm PUMPED for this school year! I cannot wait until next Wednesday when the kids come back!!!!

We went over data and I got my class roll. I have 10 boys and 10 girls. I cannot wait to meet each and every one of them!

I can see that this year is going to be challenging and require a great deal of work for me, but I am READY!

ps- You know you're nuts when you smile while going over testing data for the kids you're getting this year. lol I'm crazy, but I am SO excited!!


  1. Have an awesome school year! We report back tomorrow (students, next Thursday) and I'm ready to start, but I'm REALLY going to miss getting up late, having lunch with my hubby, and taking afternoon naps.

  2. I always love the first week back when all I have to do is get my room ready and plan. It's such a fun time. The first week is a lot more stressful because I always have this mindset of how in the world did I start the year in years past and train the kids to do everything!!! Somehow I make it through every year, but I always wish I could fastforward a few weeks to the time when the routines and expectations have been taught and are in action!

    Good luck with everything!