Monday, April 14, 2014

QR Codes- Trying It Out

The kids used the QR Code activity I found online last week. It was rough! As a teacher, I know that not everything will be successful and I truly try to push my kids to be self-directed and everything, but this activity blew up in my face. The QR Code part worked wonderfully and the kids really enjoyed using the codes and even mentioned to me that it was like a scavenger hunt. The content was the difficult part. I didn't review lines, line segments, rays, and angles before they did the activity because I just taught it 2 units ago... That was the big mistake. They were getting confused and frustrated- and I don't blame them! So, I learned two things: 1. Next time this activity will be during or right after the unit that teaches the material. 2. I need to review those concepts. 

Learning isn't just for children! I learn every day. I'm not afraid to admit that it didn't go well. Next time will be better. :) 

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