Saturday, July 3, 2010

Another Project

These are for my cabinet doors. Each of the kids will have their name assigned under them to a "center" and this is how they will know where to go each day. Super cute!!

I say the 123 part and they say the 321 part. Wonder if this will actually work??? Who knows.


  1. So CUTE!! Yes, you little saying will work!! I used one very similar where I say, "123 Eyes on me" and then the kids say "1 2 Eyes on you"

    I think every kid in my school knows that little chant!! Love your new blog! I'll be following for sure!

  2. Somehow I missed the fact that you are a teacher.. what grade? I teach first. Maybe you already knew that and maybe I will find out more about you as I read through more of this blog.. Anyway, I use the 123 cue, but haven't heard of the 321 part to follow it up. Like Jen, our follow up has always been '1,2 eyes on you.'

  3. P.S. Did you make these letters or buy them? I'm always looking for cute letters like these.