Saturday, July 10, 2010

Book Check Out

Alright. I have been researching how to best have my students check out books in our classroom library. There are soooo many different ways. What I decided to do, was to take clothes pins and write their number on the clothes pin, then when they take a book from a basket they will put their clothes pin on the basket. This helps them to know where they got the book from as well as me to know who has out a book. They will each get two books at a time. I haven't decided if they get to take the books from the classroom yet or not. I'll decide that soon. If they do, I'll need to figure out a system for that as well.

When I told my Mom about this idea she came up with the idea of putting these cute shapes on the clothes pins. She purchased the materials (thanks, Mom!) and I hot glued the wooden shapes on to the wooden clothes pins. I think they turned out sooooo cute!!


  1. what a good idea and very cute too

  2. I love this idea! How did you make the clothespins? Are those wooden cutouts from Michaels (or a similar craft store?)