Friday, July 9, 2010

Lots of Shopping

Holy Cow! I have purchased (I say "I", but what I mean is my Mom) so much for my classroom. I found a TON of great deals at Walmart and Target. Target had some great stuff on their "Dollar Spot". I was able to get dry erase boards for $1 each. I found flash cards, dry erase (educational) games to use at stations, and dice. I found folders and notebooks for 15 cents each, and glue and  scissors for 50 cents each. I also found some cute calculators and boxes of markers for $1 each. I was so excited! I feel like I have pretty much everything I need to start the school year. These purchases along with the many books, baskets, and other things I have already bought have prepared my room. Now, all I need to do is get to thinking on some activities and lessons! lol

Thanks Mom!!

I am planning to go next week (I hope) and move the boxes into the classroom. I'm not moving everything in yet, but if I can just get these boxes there it would really help me out. This mess is taking over my dining room and I have to start packing up my own house soon so we can move.

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