Thursday, July 1, 2010

Books Galore

Ok. I have been reading tons of forums and "googling" tons of ideas, etc. I have found that most teachers say that the best way to spend your money is to buy books and organizational tools. So, I have been buying books for some time now. I started buying books for my classroom sophomore year of college. I also kept tons of my own personal books. I also asked for them for Christmas and my birthday, etc. I have gone to yard sales, Goodwill, the ReStore... etc. I have found tons of great deals and have been able to build up my own classroom library of around 300 books. (My last count had over 200 and I gave up on counting. lol) 

Here's the stack of stuff taking over my dining room. Can't wait to move it in to my classroom!!

I just need to work on getting some more organizational stuff like baskets for the books, etc. I'm planning a trip with my Mom to Dollar Tree, Big Lots, etc. I am sooooo excited!!


  1. This is great.. i read tons of books myself.

  2. Oh, I wonder where you got the idea that teachers need so many books??? I love you, dear and I know you are going to be a fantastic teacher.

  3. What an exciting and overwhelming time! For me it was 4 years ago. I don't miss it being so new at this --the learning curve is pretty steep-- but I do cherish the memories. I know your kids will feel very loved when the have such a great library in their classroom.