Saturday, August 21, 2010

I Still Like You...

So yesterday near the end of the day I got the kids to help me make a list on the board of things they liked about their first week in second grade. During this activity one student looked at me and said, "Mrs. (insert my name here), it's Friday and I still like you." I said, "That's good. It's Friday and I still like you, too." They're just so funny sometimes!

I had a very interesting day yesterday. that's the only way I can put it and not sound negative. I had one child hit others with a ruler, one make two horrible comments aloud, one crying like crazy because she got caught being very mean... the list goes on and on. Very interesting to say the least. lol

We also had some changes at our school on the way we will be doing a few things. While I understand the necessity of these changes, I still find them inconvenient. Oh well. Such is life. I have heard things could be (and have been) worse, so I'll take it as that I'm still on top of the game and move on. I am slowly learning to roll with the punches. Wish me luck!

You know what they say, flexible people never get bent out of shape!

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  1. yay its Friday and they still like you... lol. Changes can be tough at times. i wish you all the best sweetheart!!