Sunday, August 22, 2010

So Excited!!

You know, it's funny... but I am so excited to go back tomorrow. I did not really get to enjoy my weekend. I spent most of it making sure I have everything ready for next week as well as writing emergency sub plans and making sure they would have everything needed should something happen and I need to be out for five days. I'm tellin' ya, if I end up out for more than five days it will be just awful. It took me forever to plan all of that. I do feel better about it though if something did happen because the kids would be taken care of and have everything they need.
Jake and I went to Target today and I found some cute things to buy as prizes as well as some things for them to play with at recess. We are not fortunate enough to have a play ground (we're working on raising the money though) so the kids play in a big field. The other teachers have all sorts of balls and jump ropes and stuff. I was lucky enough to find a couple of jump ropes in my room as well as two or three frisbees... but no balls. So, when Jake and I went to Target today we got the kids a football, kickball, and huge bouncy ball (I don't really think that's what it's called but it's great). I am so excited to show them the stuff!
I went to Walgreens today and printed off tons (94 to be exact) of photos. We will be making a scrapbook throughout the year which will be like a portfolio and have some photos in it as well. At the end of the year each child will be able to take home his/her scrapbook. I also printed off a copy of our class photo (that I took) for each child as well as an 8x10 to put up in the room. I just cannot wait to see what they think of the photo. I'm not giving them the other photos until they are working on their books, but I am prepared and pretty excited. I can tie it into all sorts of standards and they will be able to see their growth through their writing and other work throughout the year as well as their physical growth through the photos. I can't wait!
You know, it's funny... they're growing on me. I've never been a huggy person. I've never been one of "those" teachers... but I'm finding that I am quickly becoming one. They are just so sweet. Don't get me wrong... they challenge me every single day, but I think that's what makes the challenges all worth it- that they depend on me and that I am responsible for them and their success. I am determined to make this a good year for them (and me, of course).
On to week two... and SUPER EXCITED!


  1. Wow, you don't have a playground?! :( That stinks. Go to and write a proposal for some recess play items. I'm sure you'd get it fulfilled pretty quickly!

  2. have a blast! I still need to respond to your email. :) Sorry I'm a slacker!!

  3. It's definitely an exciting time of year! Glad you are enjoying it so far. I can't wait to meet my kids on Tuesday!!

  4. sure sounds very exciting. Have a great week!!