Sunday, August 8, 2010

I've Been Reading

I have been reading "Teaching With Love and Logic" and I love it. I have not finished the entire book, nor do I expect to be an expert after reading it one time, but I do plan to put some of it's ideas into use in my classroom. I love the idea of not explaining a consequence to a child in anger or when the child is upset. They suggest waiting until the child (and you) can think logically and not emotionally. I mean, it seems so simple, but how often do teachers say, "GO OUT IN THE HALL WAY!" (Or something to that affect?) It happens all the time. Then, you're mad, the kid is mad, and the situation turns ugly. The teacher ends up going home stressed out and the kid is crushed. No ones like to be yelled at... and I really don't like yelling at people. So, I'm thinking I'll try their approach of telling the child that you are disappointed in their actions (or however you want to phrase it) and then telling them you are busy teaching now and will speak to them about a consequence later. The thing I like about this idea, too, is that many times a kid punishes themself more than I ever would just by thinking about how awful whatever they did was. Not that I want them to think negatively about themselves, but that I want them to own up to their actions/mistakes and take responsibility for them. It's all about teaching them to grow up and be responsible.

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  1. My school uses Love and Logic. The kids will test you when you use this technique. It's something they are not used to, and it will take time to adjust (on both sides)

    Good luck!